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Hi, and welcome to the Three Towns Forum. Before you post, there's just a couple of things that will make life easier for you when using the forum.

To get the best out of the forum, here's a useful tip:

* 1. Go to the button at the top RH side of the page marked "Show unread posts since last visit." and click on it.

* 2. Wait a moment, and the page will change to show a long listing of topic messages.  Don't worry if it seems too long.
* 3. Go to the Message at the top RH side of the list that reads "Mark ALL messages as read" and click on it. That's it.  All the messages will disappear and you can explore the forum at leisure. When you return after being away from the computer for a while, simply repeat step (1) and the most recent of any messages that have been posted in the meantime will appear. 

Any text that is light blue and underlined when you pass the mouse cursor over it is a link.  Simply click on it to find where it leads.

If you have a question please first check in our FAQs to see if it's covered.

If you would like to create a new topic, please ensure the subject hasn't been covered already somewhere else. One way of doing that is to use the search engine and the other way is to look at the site map.  Please don't ever place the same new topic in more than one place. 

We're a locally-based group, and we enjoy helping folk.  Don't hesitate to post questions or to ask for help. Above all, enjoy the forum.

The site map:

I regret that as of today we have temporarily suspended the registration process.  This is because today we have seen a large number of dubious registration applications, thus we will not be accepting any new members for a period.

The timing is also curious, following the election of a PM whose credentials for government are - to put it mildly - in question.

Normal registration procedures will be resumed in due course.


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