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Re: Robert Edward and Sarah Anne (Davies) WILLIAMS
« Reply #30 on: November 06, 2021, 11:10:45 pm »
I have had another look at the Family Tree on Ancestry and it shows Gwladys Jones was a sister of Margaret Elizabeth Jones. She was born Conwy in 1910 and died there in 1973. Gwladys married Ivor Albert Turner in Conwy in 1933 and they were living in Townsville, Queensland in 1949. No date of departure from the UK shown but is seems to have been in the 1940s. She stayed in Australia until her husband died in 1967 and then returned to Conwy according to the information given. She was living at 25 Chapel St, Conwy at the time she died.

This tree has Thomas Davies 1898- having died in Australia but no date, or details, given for his death.

Margaret Elizabeth Davies, nee Jones, died in 1974 and her Probate shows her to be of 25 Chapel St, Conwy.

There are some wonderful photos on this tree.

Thanks Helig.  I've had a look at that tree and it is the right crowd
I have also had a better look at the Aussie Electoral Registers and have discovered that John Glyn's wife albeit Helen, I now believe NOT to be Helen CONWAY with sons Joseph and Alun.

John Glyn is living with Orosso Donovon Helen DAVIES.  I have also found details of a matching Armed forces marriage overseas in 1944 and again from the Electoral roll have figured the names of their sons.

More work to do re Thomas' (the fatherof John Glyn) death etc.  I haven't found a passenger list for him as yet but will take that as my next line of research

Many thanks

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Re: Robert Edward and Sarah Anne (Davies) WILLIAMS
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Hi Jom,  on a different matter I came across this on an ancestry site and wondered if it had any connection with your family in NZ?

Lynn Owens  |   Contact Lynn
60's    New Zealand

Thanks for that Hugo

Worth a punt!

Hi Jom, I only mentioned it because that name appeared in my family tree