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After some local knowledge please....
My husband and I bought Hafod y Mor on Hill Terrace over a year ago now. It's having a lot of work done to try to restore and update it. It was run as letting rooms and then a B&B for many years until we sought and gained planning to convert it to residential use. Because of where it is, I can find 1000s of images of it in the background of promenade and pier shots, however, I cannot find any information to tell or show me how it's front garden/ terrace area looked originally. Does anybody know or have any pictures please? Many thanks.

Whilst waiing for the bus today I noticed all the plaster moulding above and below the top windows of Listers Buildings.  I thought that they were all the same until I looked properly.  Under one window is a womans face and the face of a man under another.  I couldn't see one because a tree is in the way.  Anyone know who did them and why it seems to be the only building with that type of decoration?
Got a telephoto lense Dave.?

I shall have a look when next passing. They're probably generic building decorations, as opposed to anything connected with Listers, a few buildings in Colwyn Bay have them.

Saw this postcard on ebay today, what is the imposing building on Conwy Morfa?  $thanx$

Its Dr Garretts childrens home, I think?


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