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Re: Funny true stories
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Remind me to go out on Shrove Tuesday.  :-X

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Re: Funny true stories
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Can you imagine what could have happened  _))*

Well ok it's another urban myth  ;D
Only hindsight has 20/20 vision
Angiegram - A romantic notion derived from the more mundane truth.

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Re: Funny true stories
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these are indeed very funny ;D

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Re: Funny true stories
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First time reading this thread, very funny.....

Welsh-speaking drivers in Swansea were bemused to encounter a road sign that informed them: "I am not in the office at the moment. Send any work to be translated."
Above the baffling statement on the dual-language sign was the correct wording in English: "No entry for heavy goods vehicles. Residential site only".
The howler came about because a non-Welsh speaking council employee emailed the authority's in-house translation service, and took the response received as the translation being sought for the new road sign.

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Re: Funny true stories
« Reply #109 on: March 26, 2021, 12:46:24 pm »
you are going say "I didn't know that!" at least 5 times. I have always said, you should learn something new every day. Unfortunately, many of us are at that age where what we learn today, we forget tomorrow but, give it a go anyway.


More than half of the coastline of the entire United States is in Alaska.

The Amazon rain forest produces more than 20% of the world's oxygen supply The Amazon River pushes so much water into the Atlantic Ocean that, more than one hundred miles at sea off the mouth of the river, one can dip fresh water out of the ocean. The volume of water in the Amazon river is greater than the next eight largest rivers in the world combined and three times the flow of all rivers in the United States.

Antarctica is the only land on our planet that is not owned by any country. Ninety percent of the world's ice covers Antarctica. This ice also represents seventy percent of all the fresh water in the world. As strange as it sounds, however, Antarctica is essentially a desert; the average yearly total precipitation is about two inches. Although covered with ice (all but 0.4% of it, ice.), Antarctica is the driest place on the planet, with an absolute humidity lower than the Gobi desert.
Brazil got its name from the nut, not the other way around.
Canada has more lakes than the rest of the world combined. Canada is an Indian word meaning ' Big Village'.

Next to Warsaw, Chicago has the largest Polish population in the world.
Woodward Avenue in Detroit, Michigan, carries the designation M-1, so named because it was the first paved road anywhere.
Damascus, Syria, was flourishing a couple of thousand years before Rome was founded in 753 BC making it the oldest continuously inhabited city in existence.
Istanbul, Turkey, is the only city in the World located on two continents.
Los Angeles
The full name of Los Angeles is: l Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de Los Angeles de Porciuncula -- and can be abbreviated to 3.63% of its size: L.A.
New York City
The term 'The Big Apple' was coined by touring jazz musicians of the 1930s who used the slang expression 'apple' for any town or city. Therefore, to play New York City Is to play the big time - The Big Apple.

There are more Irish in New York City
than in Dublin, Ireland;
more Italians in New York City
than in Rome, Italy;
and more Jews in New York City
than in Tel Aviv, Israel .
There are no natural lakes in the state of Ohio, every one is man-made.
Pitcairn Island
The smallest island with country status is Pitcairn in Polynesia, at just 1.75 sq. miles/4,53 sq Km.
The first city to reach a population of 1 million people was Rome, Italy (in 133 B.C.)

There is a city called Rome on every continent.
Siberia contains more than 25% of the world's forests.

The actual smallest sovereign entity in the world Is the Sovereign Military Order of Malta S.M.O.M). It is located in the city of Rome, Italy, and has an area of two tennis courts. And, as of 2001, has a population of 80, 20 less people than the Vatican. It is a sovereign entity under international law, just as the Vatican is.
Sahara Desert
In the Sahara Desert , there is a town named Tidikelt, Algeria, that did not receive a drop of rain for ten years. Technically, though, the driest place on Earth is in the valleys of the Antarctic near Ross Island. There has been no rainfall there for two million years

Spain literally means 'the land of rabbits'.
St. Paul , Minnesota
St. Paul , Minnesota , was originally called Pig's Eye after a man named Pierre 'Pig's Eye' Parrant who set up the first business there.

The deepest hole ever drilled by man is the Kola Superdeep Borehole, in Russia. It reached a depth of 12,261 meters (about 40,226 feet or 7.62 miles.) It was drilled for scientific research and gave up some unexpected discoveries, one of which was a huge deposit of hydrogen - so massive that the mud coming from the hole was boiling with it.
United States
The Eisenhower interstate system requires that one mile in every five must be straight. These straight sections are usable as airstrips in times of war or other emergencies.
The water of Angel Falls (the world's highest) in Venezuela drops 3,212 feet (979 meters.) They are 15 times higher than Niagara Falls .

Quot homines tot sententiae: suus cuique mos.
(There are as many opinions as there are people: each has his own view.)

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Re: Funny true stories
« Reply #110 on: March 26, 2021, 02:09:45 pm »
Some useful snippets for our next family zoom quiz !!!

A old friend of mine always used to say a day without learning was a day wasted ... one problem I have is that over the past 70 years a lot of into has gone into my head and it has become so jumbled up and misfiled that I can no longer find it when I need it !!!

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Re: Funny true stories
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Welcome to the club DVT          ;D