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Chat to your hearts' content

Just noticed that I have received a promotion to Captain - $thanx$

To celebrate I will buy everyone who is in this Bar at the moment a large drink of their choice.   ZXZ

Oh - sh*t, no one here, I'm drinking on my own again!    Z**

p.s. I'd still rather have an R.A.F. Rank! :speechless:

I'll join you on a Captains' night out

Mine's a Guinness.  Z**

British Summer-time ends on Sunday and the weather forcast for North Wales is Rain and Snow! Winter must be upon us!

Make mine a Tomato Juice!    Z**

 Z** Z** $wales  Its27th October----HAPPY BIRTHDAY FESTER----HAPPY BIRTHDAY FESTER.  One of the most prolificate writers on the forum.  (well, actually,its Jacky Congan's birthday.He played  Uncle *Fester in the original series*    how do I know? Because I listen all day to Tudnofm, Llandudnos local station, and they told me.


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