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Who can tell me anything about the history of Llangwstenin/Llangystennin Hall?

I remember seeing some info about it, I will have a look when I get home and see if I can find it. There's not a lot out there, though, which is odd for such an old house.

Thanks Dave. I'd be delighted if you could. I've always taken it was something to do with the Mostyns, but as you say there's a dearth of info. $wales

As is always the way, the info I remember wasn't in the book I thought it was. When I eventually come across it again, I shall post it on here. And if you find out anything, please do post it on the forum.  :)

Don't worry.I grew up within a few miles, I know everything about everywhere and everybody around 70 years ago. But------I know where Llangwstenin Hall is----but I don't know a thing about it!!!!  Very odd!!!


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