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Hello, and welcome to the Three Towns community.   We're an eclectic mix of folk in here, and you're very welcome to visit although, as with most forums, to get the best out of the place and to see everything there is to see you will need to register.  Registration is very simple, but  you won't be able to post or see some of the boards until your membership has been approved.

The community comprises a group of folk whose common association is the Llandudno, Colwyn Bay and Conwy areas.

The forums provide a meeting place for those who wish to debate, stay in contact, chat, keep the brain cells working and generally pass the time in what we like to think of as a convivial, interesting and supportive environment.  There's also an immense fund of help available, from a highly experienced and extremely well-read core user base, and you're welcome to make the most of the combined intellect and knowledge resource available.  Please take a moment to review our "Welcome" page and enjoy your stay.

One small point: if you have questions about the area, either past or present, please post them in the relevant topic, rather than in here, as this is really just a place for introducing yourself. 

Thanks, and enjoy your stay :-)

Thanks Ian.
I cannot imagine the work that you and Dave put in.

You're welcome, N :-))  Good to have you over here :-))

In case anyone hasn't seen the various messages over on the Llandudno Local Forum and is wondering why they are now a member of the Three Towns Forum, I'll explain...

Both the Llandudno Local and Colwyn Bay Local Forums are being absorbed into a single Forum for the towns of Llandudno, Colwyn Bay & Conwy - the Three Towns Forum. As such, everyone with an active account on those forums is being migrated across to the new Forum - which basically entails you receiving an email which will have the same username as you used previously but a new password (because the forum software has changed).

If any members have problems logging in, please feel free to contact either myself or Ian via email at:

dave at threetownsforum dot co dot uk
ian at threetownsforum dot co dot uk

Looking forward to seeing lots of interesting content on the new forum, thanks to Dave & Ian for all your hard work and a fresh new look!


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