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Photos of People in the Llandudno, Colwyn Bay & Conwy area - can be from any era. Members can upload Photos to this Album - please feel free to do so. Try to add a little bit of information about them if you have it.
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H.M.S. Raleigh 1964
Me ( ed jones ) and tony f
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Posted by ed jones
Jan 04, 2012
Llandudno Pier 1925
 Views: 807
Jan 03, 2012
Labour Club Outing 1958
 Views: 693
Jul 31, 2011
Llandudno Great Orme School 1949 50
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Jul 28, 2011
NellMamNorah me
John Cox, Nell Pritchard (nee Stallard), with Nell - John Edwards? Madge Cox (nee Stallard) holding Kathleen Evans? Norah Evans (nee Cox), with Norah - Gillian Pritchard, Emrys Evans.
 Views: 246
Posted by Micox
Jul 09, 2011
Bluenotes 1957/8
Left to right: Colin Mullen (Woggsy), Alun Hughes (Dyffryn Dairies), Glyn Lewis (Lou), Mike Cox, Eddie Roberts, Glyn Dryhurst, John Williams (Dippy).  
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Posted by Micox
Jul 09, 2011
Llandudno Happy Valley Perrys Minstrels
 Views: 635
Jun 17, 2011
The k-nuts Llandudno
The K-Nuts concert party comprised women workers who were employed at Llandudno railway station during the First World War.
 Views: 200
Posted by Pendragon
Apr 23, 2011
Camera Obscura 1890
 Views: 191
Posted by Pendragon
Apr 23, 2011
William Evans milk 1902
William Evans, milk delivery boy with his donkey, Llandudno, 1902
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Posted by Pendragon
Apr 23, 2011
Alex Munro and Billy Crockett Grand Theatre Llandudno
 Views: 539
Apr 10, 2011
Alex Munro 1964 Happy Valley Cast
 Views: 503
Apr 10, 2011
Randolph Turpin
"Randy Turpin with me and my cousin from Liverpool. I remember my Uncle buying the photo for 2/6. Randy's autograph is on the back. Note the size of his hands!" TonyF
 Views: 1380
Apr 08, 2011
Llandudno Gunsite 11
Gun Site cricket 11 at the oval 1943/44. My Father is the one in uniform (eleventh man or on duty?) Does anyone recognise anybody? TonyF
 Views: 469
Apr 04, 2011
Waldini at Happy Valley, Llandudno in 1959
The badge with the inscription "IWTH" signifies what happens if it rains - "If Wet, Town Hall". Attribution: Skrbishop at en.wikipedia
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Mar 21, 2011
Welsh Ladies...or are they?
Some of them are men in drag!
 Views: 222
Mar 17, 2011
Alex Munro on Llandudno Pier 1
 Views: 548
Mar 11, 2011
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Llandudno Teenbeats
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Mar 06, 2011
Guests Crescent Hotel Llandudno
 Views: 668
Feb 22, 2011
Conwy Welsh Ladies - Date Unknown
Quite a few of the Ladies are in fact men if you look closely!
 Views: 701
Feb 19, 2011
Conwy Constabulary
 Views: 687
Feb 19, 2011
Conwy Constabulary
 Views: 643
Feb 19, 2011
Professor Walter Beaumont
'Professor' Walter Beaumont was a professional diver, he gave regular diving exhibitions from the pierhead in Llandudno and, from 1895 to 1909, gave spectacular underwater displays in a glass sided tank in the Eqyptian Hall (part of the Pier Pavilion building). He was also Licencee of the Kings Head…
 Views: 337
Feb 05, 2011
Llandudno Alex Munro Stan Ryder at Happy Valley
 Views: 584
Feb 04, 2011
Alex and Marie Munro London Hotel Llandudno
 Views: 567
Feb 02, 2011
Alex Munro on Llandudno Pier
 Views: 896
Jan 31, 2011
Alex Munro outside the Grand Theatre, Llandudno, 1970s
 Views: 841
Jan 25, 2011
Charles Wade at Happy Valley Llandudno in 1939
 Views: 174
Jan 07, 2011
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Scouts of 2nd St Georges, Llandudno, 1956
Scouts of 2nd St Georges, Llandudno preparing to go off to the Welsh jamboree held at Whitchurch, Shropshire in 1956
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 Comments: 4
Posted by kenilworth
Jan 05, 2011
Colwyn Bay T O Evans Painter Signwriter
 Views: 500
Nov 30, 2010
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