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Times Past / Re: Miriam and Isaac Jones ( Yr Ogof)
« Last post by Helig on Today at 10:53:09 am »
Yes, I am sure they were related in some way as these were small villages and close communities. It would be good to do a place search of the census returns for a couple of years, say 1851, 1861. This might throw up some clues about the families around those places at that time. I might tackle this but not right now.
Local News & Discussion / Re: Consumer news and scams
« Last post by SteveH on Today at 10:11:42 am »
Fake Prime and Wonka chocolate bar warning from FSA

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has issued a warning to consumers over fake branded chocolate bars.

The FSA is warning members of the public not to buy or eat fake ?Wonka Bars? or ?Prime? chocolate bars for safety reasons.

It comes following a recent incident at a Nottinghamshire market which saw some of those who ate the chocolate hospitalised.

Fake branded chocolate bars may be unsafe to eat, and there is a possibility they are being made or repackaged by unregistered businesses or criminals who will not follow hygiene, labelling and traceability laws.

With Christmas approaching, the FSA are urging people not to buy fake branded chocolate for friends or family.

Tina Potter, head of incidents at the FSA, said: ?Last year, fake Wonka Bars were removed from sale after having been found to contain allergens which weren?t listed on the label, posing a major health risk to anyone who suffers from a food allergy or intolerance.

SANTA will tour round Deganwy, Llandudno Junction and Conwy this festive season and also visit the walled town on Christmas Eve.

The events are organised by Conwy Town Council.
Father Christmas will visit Deganwy, Llandudno Junction, and Conwy on his sleigh on the evenings of December 12, 13 and 14. He will trying to visit as many roads as possible. Click here for routes and timings.

Father Christmas will also make a special visit to Conwy Castle on Christmas Eve before he embarks on delivering presents worldwide.

The event commences with carols at Lancaster Square at 5.30pm and concludes with fireworks at the castle about 7pm.

The Boxing Day dip returns this year in Deganwy and opens for registration at 10.30am. Prizes will be awarded for the best fancy dress in three categories: under 16s, adults, and groups. Refreshments will follow.

Sponsorship forms and details are accessible on the Conwy Town Council website and their Facebook page.

Evie Roberts, mayor of Conwy, said: "As we approach the festive season, there's an abundance of excitement in the air.

"Conwy Town Council is working hard to make sure this Christmas time is filled with enchantment.

Father Christmas show which attracts thousands to walled town of Conwy cancelled due to Covid-19

"It's a time to cherish the people in our lives and remember those no longer with us. We celebrate the friends, family, and community members who offer unwavering support to one another.

"For those who may face challenges ahead, our community has the power to lend a helping hand and watch out for each other. I am confident that we will rise to the occasion.

"I would like to take this opportunity to extend my warmest wishes for a joyful Christmas and a prosperous and peaceful New Year to you all."
Local News & Discussion / Re: What's Llandudno Like Right Now?
« Last post by SteveH on Today at 09:59:44 am »
A CLINIC and health centre in Llandudno has gone on the market.                                    pioneer

The Oxford House Clinic site, at Oxford Road, is for sale with estate agent St David?s Commercial for a freehold price of ?535,000.

The site was established in 2000, and offers sports therapy, acupuncture therapy and a range of other services.

Built in 1880, the building is described as being in an ?improving? area of the town, close to Asda and the police station.

Extending to some 5,000 square feet, the premises is made up of three floors, including a gym room, treatment space, and a residential flat complete with study.

The estate agent said of the listing: ?Rare clinic and health centre situated in the centre of Llandudno and adjacent to Asda and police station. Situated in an improving mixed use area.

?Built circa 1880, solid stone elevations under a red tiled roof with some flat roof extensions.?
Science and Technology / Re: Health............Outbreak of Whooping Cough
« Last post by SteveH on Today at 09:54:31 am »
A highly-infectious disease is sweeping through the UK, health experts have warned, after a 250% increase in cases. The bacterial infection starts with symptoms similar to a cold, but can leave coughing fits lasting for two or three months.

The outbreak of Whooping Cough, also known as pertussis and 100-day cough because of how long the symptoms last, has seen a big increase in cases this year, compared to last year.

In the last five months there have been 716 cases reported to health authorities. Dr Gayatri Amirthalingam from the UK Health Security Agency told The Sun that this rise was "expected". Dr Amirthalingam said social distancing and lockdown measures during the Covid-19 pandemic had significantly impacted the spread of infections, including whooping cough.

Prof Helen Bedford, an expert in child public health at University College London, said: "As expected, we are now seeing cases of whooping cough increase again, so it's vital pregnant women ensure they get vaccinated to protect their baby. Whooping cough in young babies can be very serious and vaccinating their mothers in pregnancy is the only way of ensuring they are protected in the first few months."

Local News & Discussion / Re: Hotel News & Gossip
« Last post by SteveH on Today at 09:51:09 am »
Llandudno's St Kilda and Betws's Swallow Falls Hotel to be revamped

A COMPANY that snapped up a seafront hotel in Llandudno earlier this year has revealed its plans for the establishment.

The St Kilda Hotel, on Llandudno's promenade, was purchased for an undisclosed sum by The Inn Collection Group (ICG). The Newcastle-based operator has three sites in Wales; the Swallow Falls Hotel in Betws-y-Coed and The Bull in Beaumaris.

The 60-room hotel, which dates back to 1854, had been under the same family ownership for the past 21 years.

The acquisition was completed on a confidential basis via Tom O?Malley, associate director ? Hotels at Christie & Co.

Times Past / Re: Miriam and Isaac Jones ( Yr Ogof)
« Last post by mull on Yesterday at 10:29:29 pm »
I have been following this search for several months now and am interested in the locations mentioned around Rowen, Llangelynin and Llangernyw area and interesting names being thrown up.

In early 2019 you all kindly did a lot of research, on this site into my Nain's origins, Catherine Jane Williams born 25 Oct1883. Heading was her parents,  Robert Williams/ Sarah Ellen Evans, married17 Jan 1880 in Conway.

I am sure being an area like this they must have have all lived close to each other.
Times Past / Re: Miriam and Isaac Jones ( Yr Ogof)
« Last post by Hugo on Yesterday at 05:04:43 pm »
You're spot on Helig, there were two Isaac Jones' in Llandudno according to the 1861 Census.    The second Isaac married Mary Jones in Bangor on the 10th Jan 1844 and in the 1861 Census they had two children, Mary who was born in Conway and Isaac RobT  who was born in Liverpool.     They and their other children can be ruled out of the search

Times Past / Re: Miriam and Isaac Jones ( Yr Ogof)
« Last post by Helig on Yesterday at 11:48:04 am »
There is one matter which disagrees with your theory about Isaac Jones being married  before he married Miriam, that is he states he is a bachelor on the marriage certificate in 1861. He married Miriam showing that, plus he was a Fisherman living in Gogarth Wydfyd. His father was Hugh Jones, sawyer.

I agree that having been born c1808-1813, Isaac was likely to have been married before but cannot find anything for him such as an earlier marriage.

I seem to remember that when I was searching for Isaac, there was another Isaac Jones around at that time, that is unless he lead a double life.

The whole situation with Isaac and Miriam needs quite a bit of research to establish the facts surrounding them. I am surprised a local historian hasn't done a study of them.

Re the church records, it varies from church to church. I have seen the mother's maiden name entered in the baptism register in some places. Some of my ancestors from Ysceifiog, who are in the baptism records there, have the mother's maiden name, plus her parents' names and where she originated from entered in the record. That was back in the 18th century. It makes it so much easier for genealogy many years later.
Politics & Current Affairs / Re: Points to Ponder
« Last post by SteveH on Yesterday at 10:41:53 am »
Opinion: BBC now a threat to all local newspapers

If the BBC was a family and lived in the house next door to you it would be the neighbour from hell. 

That's the verdict of some of the most experienced local newspaper editors in the country who now regard the BBC as little more than a state-funded juggernaut on course to suffocate independent journalism in every city, town and village in the UK. 

The BBC seems to be on a mission to be the only show in town - having taken an axe to its much-loved local radio stations so it can start writing news stories online which you can already get from local newspapers which are currently battling with tech platforms like Google, Meta and Apple. 

Unlike Google, Meta and co, the BBC?s funding is guaranteed by the licence fee, meaning the British public is underwriting the biggest threat local journalism has ever faced.  It is splashing your cash on local news websites and making it increasingly difficult for proud, independent news sites to survive in the long term.


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