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It's amazing what Freedom of Information Act requests throw up time and time again with CCBC. It's about time they made staff members account for their gross negligence. If the issue was identified as CCBC moved in to the fit out stage as quoted, why did they not challenge that it was unfit for purpose at the time. Even though the landlord soon after sold it on, surely this would still apply to the building whoever owned it. I don't think it's up to the council to now be looking at ways to improve the building if they intend using Council Tax funding and throwing even more money at this, surely that's up to the owner. I'd love to be a fly on the wall when this gets discussed, most probably will be behind closed doors yet again.
Ah now the mystery of why 4 weekly collections are needed to save money is revealed.
This is appalling. Did it never occur to those leasing the place to check what the weight-bearing limits of the structure where before leasing it?  We need to know who authorised this - because we're paying for it, yet we never seem to find the idiot whose responsibility it was.
Hard to believe that they did not do a survey of the building to check it's suitability! But then this is CCBC!  ???
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It's beyond belief that at a time of continual cut backs we find once again an incidence of gross stupidity.
Genealogy & Research / Re: Robert Roberts born 1893 Llandudno
« Last post by Jeff on Today at 10:01:22 AM »
They had moved to Wyddfyd Terrace that was the place where his parents had been living at there deaths. I never considered him having a middle name most have been name after his mother's father William Jones
Genealogy & Research / Re: Robert Roberts born 1893 Llandudno
« Last post by Hugo on Today at 09:08:35 AM »
You are very welcome Jeff and now there are some definite facts to work from.   By the way what address was recorded on the Birth Certificate?
Local News & Discussion / Re: Consumer news and scams
« Last post by Ian on Today at 07:03:38 AM »
 :D :D :D
Correct, Hugo.

Genealogy & Research / Re: Robert Roberts born 1893 Llandudno
« Last post by Jeff on Yesterday at 11:53:03 PM »
Thank you Hugo
 For all your help and patience------- I will have to amend the heading of this section to Robert William Roberts born 1892 Llandudno
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