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Title: colwyn bay goods and coal yard
Post by: gaztrucker on September 14, 2018, 06:25:14 PM
hi lads i think i,ve done it again !!!! gone off on a tangent well here goes this is what i remember about the colwyn bay goods yard bear in mind i was a schoolkid at the time at the back of the station was a short siding on the down side known as the horse landing from there you could look down into the tunnel entrance to the yard behind the market hall (another topic coming soon!!) the yard was hump shunted which meant the wagons were propelled by the loco usually a class 24 or 25 and the yard staff operated the points and the brakes to direct them to the correct locations the loco then followed in and formed up the outgoing goods train pulling out of the yard was on an incline the locos had to work hard plenty of thrash and clag from the old sulzer engined 24s and 25s GREAT!!!! i have also seen class 40 and class 47 diesels in the goods yard in the bay!!! as an aside all colwyn bays coal merchants worked out of here hmmmm maybe another post !!! cheers lads look forward to your recollections memories are priceless
Title: Re: colwyn bay goods and coal yard
Post by: Cambrian on September 14, 2018, 08:07:30 PM
The goods depot at Colwyn Bay, together with the Junction and Llandudno, were managed by a Goods Agent.  The last one was Mr F J Burgess.  A Irishman, he and his wife lived at Bodafon Hall in Llandudno which they operated as a private hotel.  Around 1966 the "Goods" became British Railways Sundries Division which was simply a precursor to it becoming National Carriers Ltd (NCL) in 1968.  By this time Llandudno only dealt with coal (NCB) and the Junction with BR's residual "full loads" - mainly agricultural material such as fertiliser and coal for Jones Bros.  Colwyn Bay became a "hub" managing several depots such as Denbigh and Bangor. The staff were almost all ex-BR goods staff.
The NCB manager who looked after the coal traffic at Colwyn Bay and Llandudno was a Mr Stokes.
Title: Re: colwyn bay goods and coal yard
Post by: gaztrucker on September 16, 2018, 03:00:30 PM
hi when i worked for garstangs for a while we used to collect the bananas from the train at junction station my next door neighbour bought a bsa m20 motorcycle ex army to haul his family sidecar it arrived at colwyn bay station in the guards van of a normal passenger train !!!! happy days more topics coming soon to jog the memory cheers