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Times Past / Re: Old Photos of Conwy
« Last post by Bri Roberts on Today at 07:19:36 PM »
During the early seventies I worked over in Bangor and I would always have to return home over Sychnant Pass.

At the time, I knew a Conwy Town Councillor very well and suggested to him that they should consider sacrificing the small car park immediately in front of the Castle and replace it with a roundabout.

Needless to say, the rest is history.  ;)
Times Past / Re: Old Photos of Conwy
« Last post by Quiggs on Today at 05:43:10 PM »
I worked at FerrantiíS in them days and travelled there daily, it was a nightmare. So in the end bought a motorcycle and worked my way past them, the furthest back was Llanfairfechan as this was long before the A55 we had to travel through all the towns on the way so at itís in the summer went over the Sychnant pass down to Guffyn and came out by the Castle. 
Genealogy & Research / Re: Grace Ellen Jones 1885-1961
« Last post by ckirkrph on Today at 11:30:56 AM »
Hello! I have missing in action for quite sometime and I apologize. Hope y'all are doing well. I was working on the Kirk side and now after a lot of frustration decided to flip back over to the Jones side. Anything exciting lately? I am back at trying to find the missing grave of Annie Maria Kirk.
Local News & Discussion / Re: Everything to do with Shops
« Last post by Nemesis on Today at 11:15:10 AM »
Looked as though the Antique Emporium was being emptied today.
Times Past / Re: Old Photos of Conwy
« Last post by mull on Today at 10:53:57 AM »
 Ref-- Traffic jam.
Looks early 1970s to me . It was not unusual at that time for large lorries getting stuck trying to get through the town arches.

Happy days.
Local News & Discussion / Re: Everything to do with Shops
« Last post by SteveH on Today at 10:38:06 AM »
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Toy shop chain The Entertainer coming to North Wales town
The brand wants to open its second store in North Wales.

The brand is to due to open a new site in Llandudno.
The exact site is due to the released in the coming weeks and the Daily Post understands it could open as early as September.
The Entertainer has remained tight lipped on the plans but they are already advertising for staff for the new shop.

THE Entertainer, a new toy shop, will open in Llandudno just in time to bring more fun for youngsters at Christmas time.
Located in the former Mothercare premises, Victoria Centre, Mostyn Street, it is hoped the new store will open within a few weeks and an announcement giving the opening date is expected in the not too distant future.

Currently work is underway refurbishing the premises and fitting it out for its new role.    ref Pioneer
Apart from the usual over spending, which is becoming the norm, it is annoying to see that they have to get a company in, to tell them, how to get quotes.

A pile of pigeon droppings meant a council contract was undervalued by almost £1m.

Conwy council had put a contract out to tender for repairs to Conwy Bridge, and an initial contract had been agreed to cost £687,705.
But this shot up to £1,531,683.43 once the contractor was able to examine the bridge in greater detail.

The local authority had hired a consultancy to come up with a tendering process and, according to the chief executive of the council, the true extent of the work needed was not realised when it was completed.

This was because corrosion on the bridge was obscured by large amounts of bird muck.
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Graffiti on ancient standing stone, 23rd September

Graffiti scratched into surface of standing stone

Report on FixMyStreet

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Times Past / Re: Old Photos of Conwy
« Last post by Mike on Yesterday at 10:16:42 PM »
An interesting photo from the peoples collection showing cottages on the old quay inear where the Conwy Mussels place is today

No mud in those days...
Times Past / Re: Old Photos of Conwy
« Last post by Hugo on Yesterday at 10:14:59 PM »
Sorry DVT but I've no idea when the photo was taken but you are correct about the 2nd car so it must have been taken in the early 1970's I would imagine.
The "new" road bridge was opened in 1958 but my comments and memories go back further than that but it was my father that was driving the car at the time as I was still in primary school then    ;D
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