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This section of the Forum is intended to give smaller local businesses the chance to promote themselves free of charge to our 6,500+ visitors every month.

Any business wishing to participate must be based in the Three Towns area (Llandudno, Colwyn Bay, Conwy & outskirts). All business categories (e.g. shops/pubs/cafes/bulders/home based businesses etc) are allowed. They should register on the Forum as a member and then post a new topic in this section with a suitable title, e.g. 'John Smith - Wine Merchants, Conwy'. They can add in to their post details of their business, post photos, add a website/Facebook link etc. They can also make follow up posts to their own topic on a regular or irregular basis, with details of news/special offers etc.

You can see an example of a business listing here:
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All discussion regarding this section should take place in this topic, we would ask that members do not post in the businesses' individual topics.

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I'm going to take the plunge and be the first to post in this thread. Ive read the introduction.

   What I am going to say, I didnt know where to put it. I thought maybe in the cafe chat thread.

  However. I am absolutely fed up with the high winds that have gone on for week after week all Aug Sept (and maybe July).  But ---- NOW THEY HAVE GONE.   But, so have all my potential customers.

 They have all gone home to Stoke etc

  So, the weather forecast is great for this coming weekend.  I am fed up of being by myself. So, I would like to invite everyone who reads this forum, and all their friends, to come up to the Great Orme Family Golf and play away absolutely free of an charge in any shape or form.

 Just say "I read this on the three towns forum" and off you go.

 I might as well be up here, have a nice crowd of people enjoying themselves and have an empty till. Rather than being up here by myself and having an empty till.

   Hoping to see a few of you.    Mike

But Mike... how selfish of you..  _))*
If you take all the Forum members away for free golf, who will keep me from being lonely on the pier all day?
After all, I don't see anybody else apart from Forum members and the odd sea gull!   :laugh: :laugh:

What about all the thousands of Shearings type pensioners who I would have thought would like a stroll on the pier----not up a one in six hill to see me!!!

i wish mrs snowcap could walk up and see you, lol


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