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Lovely jubbly.  $dins$

I have to say me and my partner always go to Barnacles when we're in Llandudno, nice traditional British chippy! Its a no nonsense restaraunt where you order your food, and just pay the bill at the counter.

My partner reckons they have the BEST sausages she's ever tasted!

I paid a visit with my Partner to La Taverna (bottom of Church Walks) on Saturday evening. It's once of those restaurants that you pass by all the time but maybe doesn't spring to mind when considering where to go for a meal. So, we decided to give it a try. Because it was a nice evening, we sat outside and this was very pleasant apart from the occasional noise of the seagulls (more of which on another thread shortly). We both had pizzas, with a side salad and a bottle of the house wine, bill came to 29. The service was good, the food was good...we were very pleased and it will certainly be higher up on our list for a return visit. I'd recommend it.  $good$

                   I have to agree with you Dave, Mrs. Gwynant and I have been going to La Taverna for the last two years or so, either for special occasions, (birthdays, anniversaries etc) or simply for a night out with friends. On every visit we have always been welcomed back by the staff, eaten well and been well satisfied by  the value for money when we got the bill. As you said, it's one of those restaurants which you know is there but you normally pass by on your way to somewhere else!

I haven't got a favourite restaurant at the moment as we tend to try different ones.  Today though we went for lunch to the Maenan Abbey, a place where we have been many times before.
The meal was delicious, the staff were very good  and it was very reasonably priced.  To top it all we were lucky enough  to have the table by the open door leading on to the balcony which was a bonus.


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