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Talk about the Old Days in Rhos On Sea and the Bay...

This subject interests me. It was completly by chance that, around 18 months go, I came across the old Colwyn Bay forum.I could not believe my eyes---here were people writing and asking about things,people and places that I remembered from many years ago.Ive been hooked on the forum ever since, despite the fact that the Rhos interest disappeared completly after the first loss of posts.  So perhaps now, with the fresh start, might be a good time to see if the old Rhos readers are still around.  So----Does anyone remember "Old Bills" which was an amusement arcade right on the corner of the prom in Rhos?  Well, I'd better correct myself.Not an arcade so much, more a glorified hut with about 12 to 15 very primitive arcade type machines.  Mike

I remember you saying that 'Old Bills' was on the right hand side of what was then Fortes (now Ninos). Fortes, of course, moved over the road sometime in the 1950s and built a wooden shack on what was originally the site of Pye's Promenade Garage. In the mid 1960s (1963?), they cleared the site and built the present Fortes building:

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Mike, you'll recall that I said I took a photo of one of Parker's ancient gambling machines at that little arcade in Pensarn - here it is:

Rhos-on-Sea swimming pool was a favorite haunt of mine.

About when was that closed, T?


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