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Found this little chap wandering across the lawn on Saturday. By the time I had popped inside to get the camera he had nearly disappeared in a border.

Hope he "fattens up" a bit to survive the winter! Dog food is recommended.

You might see a few of those about, Stan. The lady that runs Conwy Hedgehog Rescue lives not too far from you and they get released back into the local woods when they are rehabilitated.

My next door neighbour used to have families of hedgehogs in her garden years ago but I haven't seen any since the Badgers started to make a regular appearance. 
That lady in the Junction is doing a great job looking after the hedgehogs and has been in the local papers about her work with them.   :)

It was a warm evening the other night so I had the window open but the Badgers were outside foraging for food and kept me awake with their high pitched noises. I shut the window but then couldn't get back to sleep again. >:(

I had some new decking and a staircase installed in my garden (to reach the higher parts of my garden on the rockface of the Gt Orme)

Dave R said its probably visisible from space!

But the birds seem to like it, because today I had a what I can only describe as a SWARM of blue-tits all over the handrails ...and 2 pairs of red-crested woodpeckers were tapping at the newel posts !

Squirrels are also enjoying running up and down the staircase ...


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