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Recently, I was lucky enough to meet Quiggs, and resulting from an earlier thread on this forum, it came to light that he and his family lived in the gunsite on the Great Orme !
He lived there for quite a few years, and I expressed an interest in knowing more about it.

Well, that caused many memories to come flooding back, and I urged him to write them down which he did.
I read them last week, and I found them amazing.
Sometimes hilarious, sometimes a little sad, but always fascinating.

Quiggs is a very modest chap, and felt that people might not be interested in his writings.
So I am introducing the subject for him, here... it is well worth hearing about.

If anyone replies showing interest, then Quiggs has agreed to give us one anecdote at a time.. rather than gave us a large amount to read all at once.

So over to the Forum members... anyone wanna hear it?

absolutely, this is what the forum's all about, as far as I'm concerned, social history and real life experiences

Thats very encouraging...
Mr Quiggs, over to you to set the scene!

Merddin Emrys:
yes, as Suepp said  :)  *&(

Come on Quiggs, spill the beans  *&(


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