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Can anyone recommend someone who cleans gutters?        I've cleaned all my gutters on the house bar one and I don't fancy having a go at the last gutter to be cleaned

Their are some telescopic tools available now, at reasonable prices, if you don't fancy tall ladder work  :-\  I have heard mixed reviews regarding workmen doing this job, with various results and costs, I would use the tools if it is feasable for your situation.

I have done mine, but fortunatly, although a bit awkward, easy to reach with steps, good luck.

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Thanks for posting that link Steve, it may be very helpful in the long run.     I've decided that I'll at least have a try at doing it myself and see how I do.   My main concerns are the ladders as they are wooden ones and quite heavy but I have used them on three of the gutters I have and I've managed ok
The other problem is that the gutter is over a very long conservatory but I do have drain rods that may overcome this problem, we'll see what happens

 Remember no  :-}}}

If you see the air ambulance hovering over Colwyn Heights then it could be me in it.     

Once when I was standing on the top of a step ladder painting my dovecote. I had the paint brush in one hand and a large tin of paint in the other when the ladder fell over.
I landed on top of the fallen ladder and apart from a screaming Mrs H the only thing I can remember is still holding the paint tin when it hit the ground and all the paint coming out of the tin and going up in the air.
Then seeing every bit of the paint going back into the tin, not a drop spilt, how is that for a party trick?


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