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I am a collector of german and british militaria from the 1st and 2nd worldwars , was wondering if anyone here also collected or knows somone that does ?, I purchase a vast array of military collectables , if any of you guys have anything lying about the house you are not sure about ,would like info on it or would like to sell it , i'm your man , due to our heavy involvment in both wars  , a great deal of households have something related to these times , I would be interested to offer any assistance , if i dont know what it is i know people that do ,
Kind Regards
Will. :)

Do I know anybody who collects WWII militaria?  The gentleman beow is obsessed with such memorabilia, for some strange reason.

But seriously though...for a minute... I do posess a bayonet, or short sword, from 1871,  the Franco-Prussian war I believe.

Beautifully engraved, ... one of a pair we found as kids in the loft of our first house. (a Victorian Terrace)

My brother flogged his at a car boot sale 20 years ago for about 15.   I've always kept mine in safe keeping.

Lemmy has a collection worth thousands , there is a great docu on his collection , he likes the ss stuff  :P

I am always on the look out for military watches both pre and post war.
There must be loads as you say, sat in drawers etc locally.


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