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Re: Early Hotels - Questions & Memories
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I believe that a lorry or something hit the arch and it then had to be demolished.
Would be nice if the Arch could be rebuilt.


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Re: Early Hotels - Questions & Memories
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Further to my posts from 2014, I'm still looking for personal accounts from families who ran hotels before/during WW2 and whose properties were requisitioned by the Department of Works for the Inland Revenue.  I've trawled the newspapers of the time (Llandudno Advertiser, North Wales Weekly News, and the Inland Revenue magazine, Ormescliffe Gazette) in the British Library, but most elusive is practical detail on what happened to hoteliers who were turfed out of their businesses for the duration - where did they go when given often only hours' notice to quit the premises?  How did they make a living in the meantime?  I have found reference in the Flintshire Archives to a hotelier "Mrs Lazar", who had expressed concerns to landlords Mostyn Estates re payment of insurance premiums on requisitioned properties and imagine this might be the mother or other relative of Vicki Lazar, who later became a town councillor?  Any direct local or family info on this subject would be most welcome.  Thank you.

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Re: Early Hotels - Questions & Memories
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My father told me that their hotel, The Wavecrest was requisitioned in the war. They had to leave as you say in a hurry. When they got the hotel back after the war it was in a hell of a state. They weren’t paid any money at all. Luckily, my grandfather was lucky enough to have investments in other properties around the town.

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Re: Early Hotels - Questions & Memories
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And here's an advert from 1925 for the Jesmond Hotel: