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Hello,  I wonder if anyone has any info on the Jesmond Hotel that used to be in Llandudno.
      My Mom and Dad, Arthur and Amy Gee worked in this hotel before the War, All that I know is that Jesmond was owned by a Mrs Morris and during the war was used by the Inland Revenue. After the war the Hotel was turned into flats. Now Jesmond is part of the County Hotel which is on the Prom at the other end to the pier.
      My parents, no longer with us, loved Llandudno and my wife and I do love to visit the town.
     I do hope that someone can help.
     Bye the way, I am impressed with this forum.

Hi Anthony.

Well done for joining the happy band of forum contributors.
It seems like you have quite a bit of information already, what would you like to know?
Then the 'brains' of this forum (and there are many of them) will no doubt swing into action on your behalf!

Here's an advert from 1941 for the Jesmond Hotel:

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Hello Dave R, Thank you for the poster advertising Jesmond. I am very pleased.
 Hello Fester, I would like to find out anything about the hotel, there may be some pictures somewhere.
  I have stayed at the County, and have been in the part that was once Jesmond and it might seem silly, but I find it a bit atmospheric to stand where my parents worked before I was born.

Welcome Anthony, if anyone can find a photo Dave can.


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