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From South Pacific to Metropolis the film industry has given us a great deal.  But what's your list of all time favourite films?

I'm a Sci Fi enthusiast so for me Kubrick's 2001 probably heads the list as one of the best films ever made, with 2010, the Star Wars saga and the various Star Trek films coming into the list.

As a life long Trekkie myself, I too always looked forward to their release.
The first 3 were excellent, but I've been disappointed with them ever since, and that's a heck of a lot of films.
I must be an old romantic, but the great films for me include 'White Christmas', 'The King and I' and 'My Fair Lady'
Oh, and I love all the old Hammer Horror classics.

One thing about films of the last 20 years or so, I can't sit through them because I can't actually HEAR them.
The dialogue is frequently mumbled, spoken in indistinguishable whispers and more often than not is drowned out by booming sound effects or intrusive incidental music.

Action - anything (except those awful Kill Bill films) by Tarantino
Comedy - This is Spinal Tap
Western - Gotta be Clint - early Clint preferably.

The worst type of films I find are invariably TV spin offs. I've not seen your Star Trek so can't comment but
I can't think of a good one I have seen - Bilko, Dad's Army, The Inbetweeners, Alan Partridge, Starsky and Hutch even the Simpsons. All Rubbish.

Like you Fester, I'm sick and tired of the dialogue in films and TV programs being drowned out by the background so called music,  I don't know why they think it enhances the the experience, most of it is bloody awful, sometimes just single notes on a piano aaaasgggghhh.    ## $elvis$


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