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As most members will know, the U.K. is holding a Referendum on the 23rd June to determine whether we remain in the European Union. What is your opinion on this and which way will you be voting?

Merddin Emrys:
I am still on the fence, not keen on the EU as it is, being part of a trading group without all the rules and regs would be fine, will not happen though, some means of controlling imigration robustly would be great too!

Completely open minded at present but Cameron's dismal attempt at renegotiating with the EU doesn't help.    Britain seems to have to abide by all the EU rules yet Germany can openly invite millions of immigrants into Europe without discussion or arrangements with any of the other EU countries and blatantly ignores the Schengen Treaty

Merddin Emrys:
I was shocked at Germany letting that lot in, I imagine most German people were against that!  &shake&

The few German people I have spoken to said exactly that.    There has been no thought whatsoever to integrating that many people in Germany or transporting them from the point of entry into Europe to Germany.
Now Germany are trying to back track on what they have promised to these Asian people and in addition they are backing Turkey's entry into the EU.


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