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'First Roman fortlet' found on Anglesey using geo survey

I've been interested in Roman history in Britain for a long time now and knowing this, my friend Tellytubby sent me the link on the Fortlet recently found in Anglesey.
David Hopewell, of Gwynedd Archaeological Trust said fortlets are usually linked by roads, 15 to 20 miles (24 to 32 km) apart, and it is hoped, therefore, the latest find will lead to other discoveries.    Previously it was believed that there were no Roman roads on Anglesey but if you speak to locals on the island and look at O/S maps there are indications of present roads or lanes being built on the lines of old Roman roads.
I've walked along the Roman road from Caerhun to Llanfairfechan many times and enjoyed reading David Hopewell's book "Roman roads in North West Wales" and had a chat with him after reading the book.  It was fascinating to learn some of the new techniques that they are using to discover these ancient relics

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Thanks for that Hugo, most interesting.  $good$

You are welcome Blongb,  it'll be interesting to see what happens next on Anglesey

I looked at Cemlyn on Google Earth Hugo and was able to identify the fort from the hedge boundaries. It's just possable to see very slight markings in the field but without the geophysical survey to guide me, I wouldn't have given the field a second glance. Well done indeed to the Bangor Team.  $walesflag$

The technology they have now to trace these type of things is incredible.   I've read about the Roman Roads in N Wales and on my first walking outing with a retirement group in Pentre Halkyn I came across what I thought was a small but classic section of a Roman road there.
It had the camber,ditches either side and the tell tale nettles growing over the structure.
I didn't have a camera with me but I made a mental note of the location and then hurried up to catch the others who were ahead of me.
About 3 years later I went back there with a friend but could find no trace of it so I forgot about it until I went to see the site of Owain Glyndwr's Palace at Sycharth and spoke to someone who was interested in the same thing and she told me that what I had seen was in fact the Roman road but the owner of the land had covered it with soil to prevent people going there to look at the road.      :rage:


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