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The idiots are still among us but these idiots happened to be on the top of Ben Nevis.    Thankfully there were no fatalities but I wonder what the Mountain Rescue teams really think of such stupidity
These volunteers risk their own safety every time they are called out on a rescue and it's not fair to them in cases like this but yet they still go out on the call.     I have nothing but praise and admiration for these Mountain Rescue teams and Mull used to be in the search and rescue team with his dog Fly until he recently retired from it

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H, I read it earlier, selfish ignorant behavior, putting lives at risk.....I called them the KAGOOL BRIGADE know where I lived by the lake, we would see them in the winter months, going up the forestry road to Craftnant, hardly a Ben Nevis or Snowden, but as they passed the house they crossed the snow line, so a change in the weather would catch them out, a thin kagool poor footwear and no emergency kit, so nothing has changed, trust there was a good donation to the rescue team.   &shake&