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Become a Friend of your local Park
« on: December 24, 2010, 12:53:49 PM »
By the end of this year the Environment Department will be launching three new 'Friends of Groups' to encourage residents to support their surroundings and help make things happen in their local park or green space.

ConwyCounty has an incredible green landscape that presents a wealth of benefits.  For many it provides an ideal environment in which to live, work and retire.  By working in partnership with the council a 'Friends of Group' ensures that parks and green spaces are well used and well maintained.

Groups are usually made up from residents who have joined together because they have a particular interest in a local green space.

Do you want to:

Learn new skills and meet new people?
Carry out practical tasks to improve or maintain a green space?
Organise fun days, events or activities to bring the local community together?
Whatever the motivation, 'Friends of Groups' are an amazing asset to any park or open space.  They can raise the profile of an area, provide protection, stimulate improvements and above all reflect the value of a park or green space to its' local community.

You can find out if there is a 'Friends of Group' in your area by contacting the Environment Department on the details given below. Once you have identified your local group you need to contact them to express your interest and turn up to their next meeting or event.  If there is no existing 'Friends of Group' in your area and you wish to form one firstly find out if other local residents would be interested and then contact the department for further support.

The Street Scene service currently provides advice and support for existing groups with publicity, arranging meetings, facilitation, and networking with other voluntary groups and full support, practical help and advice to anyone who wishes to start a new 'Friends of Group'.

For further information about becoming a friend contact:

Environment Advice Team 01492 575337

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