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Re: Jobs in the Three Towns area
« on: February 08, 2015, 11:08:53 PM »
I have just developed a Facebook group called "Jobs offered in Llandudno, LLandudno Junction, Conwy and Colwyn Bay", and now have 209 members and rising every day. It is a site to spread the word about any job vacancies of whatever type in the area, as people find it very hard to find work at present - so many jobs are gone before they see them, yet are still advertised. It would appear that the obvious ones are those that people spot in shop/office windows, and are then spread by word of mouth. That's where I thought that members of this forum and my members could gain a mutual benefit. Some businesses have problems getting staff, and particularly with the tourist season approaching, there are people on my site desperately looking for work. You would be very welcome to join the group - alternatively please post any vacancies on here and I will copy them across for members to contact you in whichever manner you feel appropriate. This will not cost you anything of course, and you will have access to a good selection of potential staff.