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Tonight the Met office has issued Flash warnings for the entire North Wales Area, but how much of this will we see?

Merddin Emrys:
we have warnings of ice most days but rarely in Penrhyn Bay, inland no doubt it is, seems ever since 'the big storm' of 1987 and the Michael Fish incident they predict doom and gloom and sometimes they are right  L0L

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Problems are more over Bangor way this morning, with heavy snow from Conwy area onwards. I don't believe any buses are running at present to/from Bangor as a lorry has jackknifed on the A55.

Colwyn Bay/Llandudno area is better, main roads/bus routes are mostly clear but side roads are ropey.

Ouch-- for ropey read slippy !!

Black Gate on the Orme is in complete chaos this morning after nothing more than a faint sprinkling of snow. One car went down the hill go to the Junction did a 180 degree turn and is now positioned with it's rear wheels off the ground and half way up the traffic lights. The ambulance came to treat the driver and is now stuck on the junction with nowhere to go until it thaws. I've tried to use what little grit was left in the grit box but to no avail. I rang the police to report the accident and they appeared very quickly. There's now a gritter on the way but it can't get up the hill.


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