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Re: BID...Business Improvement District
« Reply #60 on: June 26, 2019, 04:14:59 PM »
A number of firms have expressed their frustration over the presentation of a top business award to a taxpayer funded regeneration group.

The Conwy Business Awards 2019 took place at Venue Cymru in Llandudno on Friday with prizes given out across 14 categories.
The Business Leader of the Year award was presented to Cheryl Williams, project manager for Colwyn Business Improvement District (BID).

While no one questioned the effort she has put into the role, firms were unhappy that this award had been presented to a taxpayer-funded organisation rather than the leader of a private company.

Other companies have also been critical of the overall achievements of the BID scheme since it started in 2016.

BIDS raise money with a levy on firms.

Adrian Walker, from Hippo Toys, Mochdre, said: I think they have jumped the gun here. Cheryl is trying hard at the BID but where are the achievements?
I think this is a bit early to be getting awards, especially when there are some very successful businesses and business leaders out there.
"In Mochdre we are still waiting for the business park signage, three years after the BID started.

Syd Gaskin, director of Gaskins Carpets and Beds in Mochdre, said he wanted to see the BID start to deliver projects.
He added: I dont want to hear of them self-promoting themselves by having won awards, which are supposed to be for actual businesses.

Other businesses contacted North Wales Live with concerns over the award and performance of the BID but did not want to go on the record.

Projects by Colwyn BID include additional street furniture, a loyalty scheme, Arriva bus discounts for workers, and helping secure a stage of the Wales GB Rally on the promenade.

Cheryl Williams said it was an honour to receive the award and dedicated it to the hard work of the Colwyn BID team and board.
She said: It was also amazing to see how many firms in the Bay of Colwyn were shortlisted and picked up awards on the night, highlighting how many brilliant business leaders and employees we have in this area.
We are working with hundreds of organisations and individuals across the Bay of Colwyn and have many exciting projects in the pipeline.     

Article and comments
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Re: BID...Business Improvement District ....Colwyn Bay
« Reply #61 on: July 24, 2019, 11:39:13 AM »
Colwyn Bay is already a  Business Improvement District (BID),  (see previous page for details) , so I was a bit confused when I read this article,..... great if it is going to work as part of the BID group, who already pay towards the regeneration of the area including improvements such as is being suggested here, or is this a another version asking for further payments ? plus I think there has to be unity,
The BID management needs to be on the ball, and should be dealing with these problems already, bearing in mind that the BID members can withdraw from the agreement, if they are not satisfied with progress..............

DP Article...
A former police officer of 30 years wants to work with businesses to clean up the streets of Colwyn Bay - fighting crime and litter and giving a voice to firms.

Mark Clemson has set up the Colwyn Business Support Zone and is now engaging with traders across the town as well as the BID group and Conwy council.
His ambition is to first focus on grass root issues that impact all firms, things like criminal damage and messy streets.

He also wants to provide a voice to the business community before working on promotion of the area and bringing in extra support for firms and encouraging start-ups.

Mr Clemson, who worked with Merseyside Police for 30 years and later for a BID project on the Wirral, said: My idea was to set up a members organisation that gives the business community a voice and addresses the grass root issues like crime and disorder, things that affect businesses on a day to day basis.

It is about supporting them in a way I dont think they are being supported now.
It is about safe, clean and attractive streets, business support, marketing and promotion.
At the moment there are street drinkers, crime, criminal damage.
This is not good for business , it puts off people coming to use businesses.
I am trying to get things done, things like clean ups, like we did on Merseyside.

We had flash mobs that would go to an area for say two hours and deal with the mess, the council have been supportive of this.

If we make it safer and cleaner it then encourages more people into the area.
The area is on the rise, there is stuff going well. It is a fantastic place to live and work, who wouldnt want to work in an environment like this.
But there is stuff not going well and we want to help deal with this.

I also felt there was no real voice for the business community very little happening with the Chamber of Trade.

It is very early days I am trying to engage with as many businesses as I can, first and foremost in the Colwyn Bay area.
He says the key will be working collaboratively with everyone.
He said: I have approached the BID, spoken with the council, you cant work in a silo.

I would like to get a regular town centre meeting that draws in people from police, council, substance abuse teams so people can all work together, it is the only way this can work.
Id also love a business hub here for new young businesses to develop.

We need to move with the times because the world is changing, Liverpool and Manchester are close by and are developing all the time, we need to be more forward-looking.  ref DP


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Re: BID...Business Improvement District
« Reply #62 on: November 08, 2019, 01:40:24 PM »
I am sorry to see that the Colwyn Bid project has failed, I am a great supporter of this type of scheme, but it is down to the people who take it on, and their experience in the business field, enthusiasm only goes so far, and I am afraid, this failed Bid will no doubt harm future trust in the BID process.

Colwyn BID 'doomed to fail' looks set to be terminated early

"Chair of the BID board Jen Whitlock, who only took on the role in June, says she believes the project was badly set-up at its inception.
She said: "BIDs are brilliant ideas but the Colwyn BID was covering four separate and diverse areas - because of this it was always doomed to fail."

""It has been poorly managed but also hit by the bureaucracy of it all and I don't think Conwy council have been supportive enough."
"It was supposed to be businesses running things for themselves, it has not worked out like that, it has been hit with the same bureaucracy seen in the public sector."

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Re: BID...Business Improvement District
« Reply #63 on: February 21, 2020, 12:01:07 PM »
There are now 13 BID's in wales.

City high street investment 'won't trickle out' to towns.

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