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I have started this topic as there are so many great places to explore in this district (and the wider North Wales area)

I was tempted to add my journey of today to the 'Walking' topic,  but that wouldn't be fair as much of my journey was by car.....due to my very dodgy knees.

Today the Festers were at a loose end, so we set off to Anglesey.
We decided to traverse the Britannia Bridge first, and stop off at Llanfair PG,  never been before and I loved it... so I took a picture which I hope appears at the end of this post.
We pottered about in the shops and picked up some nice Xmas bits and bobs.

From there we drove the short distance to Beaumaris, which was as bright but bitterly cold as anywhere today.
We looked at the Castle, where the moat was partially frozen!
Then we had a walk on the Jetty (can't call it a Pier)... seems to me that this jetty has been made narrower over the years, the piles are arranged for a much wider structure.
We went along the promenade and then called into the most excellent Red Boat Cafe on Castle Street.
The food and the prices were excellent.  Mmmm, Lemon Drizzle Cake, with 2 layers of fresh cream and icing on top,  plus a superb cappucino all for 3.80
The Ham, Cheese and Onion panini was excellent value at 3.85, and it came with full salad and is in a half-baguette.

From there, we took a look at Bangor Pier, but from the Anglesey side.... before we took a walk and drive through Menai Bridge, and I was surprised just how much was open today, and what a great little place Menai Bridge is.  I will go again when its a little warmer.

Drove back accross Menai Bridge this time... and absorbed the breath-taking scenery of the Estuary and the snow covered mountains.
There was so much that caught my eye, that on a day when I have more time I will go back to investigate.
Disused Piers, beautiful buildings, woodland walks etc...

I didn't even have my camera, only my phone, so if anything appears after this posting I apologise for the quality.
Here goes...

Sounds like a great day's exploring.  :)

Beaumaris is one of my favourite places to visit - a perfect little seaside town - the pier was a lot larger up until the 1970s but plans are afoot to widen it to its original width and extend the pierhead. There used to be a cafe on the end, where the shelter is now. The Red Boat Cafe is fairly new, I've never yet managed to get into it as it's always packed in the Summer! The Pier House Cafe on the promenade is a pleasant substitute, or coffee in the Bulkeley Hotel is like going back in time.

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Sounds like you had a very nice day Fester, glad you enjoyed it. There are so many nice places in the area and that you can get to by not too much walking.
A little further from Beaumaris is Penmon which is very pretty but save that for a nicer day.
Llanberis also is an under rated little gem and there is a lot going on there, mainly in the summer but the museums are still open in the Winter.

Thanks Hugo,
I saw your Penmon walk description earlier in the year....I will get round to that one.

Llanberis is a place we have been many times (in our tourist days)  We used to strike out into Snowdonia from our bases at either Rhuthin Castle or Llandudno.

I know there are many, many other places for us to explore and I also look forward to others posting their journeys on here too.

Next time you go to 'The Island' go and see the lions and the Church at Llanfair PG. The walk down the churchyard is fascinating--all the poor souls who have perished in the strait have graves on a path going down to the water's edge and then-- there is Nelson !!
The lions in particular are a sight not to be mised.


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