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I want one of these:

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Wonder how many they went through filming that?

Merddin Emrys:
and I'd like this car  D)

Merddin Emrys:
Lots of pics of this great car on the net!
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I have just received my copy of the RoSPA news sheet and there is some information that may be useful to car owners and drivers.

1)  Licence SCAM.  Watch out for e-mails claiming to be from the DVLA asking for verification of your driving licence details.  The DVLA have not sent any such communication.    Seems like just another way to try and obtain your personal information.

2)  As from this Spring (now) all vehicles will have to be insured unless they are the subject of a SWORN (Statutory Off Road Notification).   This will be administered by the DVLA with the MID (Motor Insurance Database).   It will no longer be necessary for the Police to see an uninsured vehicle on the road.
Comparison of the DVLA and MID databases will highlight any vehicle without insurance or a SWORN, and the owner will be sent an Insurance Advisory Letter to this effect requesting compliance.
Fines for non compliance can be a 100 fixed penalty, the vehicle being clamped, impounded or destroyed, or a prosecution with a maximum penalty of 1000.

Thanks to RoSPA ,CARE on the ROAD mag for the information.


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