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Daytime natters about anything and everything

For those who might be interested I'll be letting you know the best buys for Christmas as determined by Which?

First off: MP3 players  In their most recent test, Apple iPods of all types took the top eight places in their best buy tables. The top scoring iPod Classic was awarded 84%, while the best of all the non-Apple products only managed 76%.

And the best place to buy them is ARGOS!    $uk

I note that WR Davies in the Junction appears to have dropped the Chrysler (Jeep) agency for Renault, so now they are Ford and Renault.
According to their website the family owned company was founded at Berriw near Welshpool in 1924 and now have 5 sites including the one in LJ
- it is still a family owned company headed by managing director Jonathan Davies.

PS Ian or Dave - perhaps we should now have a thread "Everything to do with Llandudno Junction" - it is a "mecca" for car showrooms and the home of the North Wales WAG Offices amongst other things.
AND of course only this week it was reported that that famous "watering hole" ie the Station Hotel is not to be sold after all and a new landlady has been appointed.

Thank you Dave for creating the new thread "Everything to do with Llandudno Junction". I can honestly say, without fear or favour, that the service on here is impeccable!!


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