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Llandudno’s tourism economy has been given a major boost thanks to plans to reintroduce a popular 10 mile road race.

Welsh Athletics, the governing body of the sport, and the Welsh Assembly Government are backing the initiative to bring back the race, which has attracted over 2000 competitors in the past, next May (2011).

Organisers hope that the planned event for the next year will attract over 5000 runners, and are optimistic that will double in future years.

It was last held in 2005, but was stopped due to the rise in necessary health and safety costs. It’s usually held each November, and attracted quality runners – largely due to the potential for fast times and a relatively flat course.

The race for next year is being planned for May to coincide with the Welsh Championship, and to include it as part of it.

Race Director John Hatton said: “The initiative for the revival came from Welsh Athletics who were seeking an event in North Wales to fit in with its Assembly-backed framework for five championship races throughout Wales.

“The event will also include an Expo in the Arena at Venue Cymru, which will allow businesses to have trade stands to promote their services and products.

“We are expecting up to 100 tourism attraction and sports and leisure related businesses to take part in the Expo.”

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I used to enter this every year Dave although I never threatened the leaders! It was a very popular event on the circuit because, as you say, the course is relatively flat offering the potential for some PBs. Also, there are not many quality 10 mile races anymore, the preferred distances seem to be 10k (6.2 miles) and half marathon (13.1 miles).

If I can get my 46 year old knees sorted out I'll see you on the start linr in May!


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If I can get my 46 year old knees sorted out I'll see you on the start linr in May!
Ok! I'll be the one sitting down holding a camera!  :o ;D


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North Wales section Colwyn Bay and llandudno................Friday, 19th August 2016         REF Pioneer

10,506 miles, 19 pairs of trainers and 309 different locations.

On September 1 2015, Ben Smith, 34, decided he wanted to do something unique for two anti-bullying charities Stonewall and Kidscape. He was going to run 401 marathons in 401 consecutive days.

Ben, whose daily calorie intake is 6,500 calories, spoke to the North Wales Chronicle whilst running his 351st marathon.

He said: “The first 50 days were hell, my body wanted me to stop. The 51st day my body realised I wasn’t going to stop no matter what.”

Ben’s marathons have seen him be joined by 7,700 other runners with 1,000 of them running further than they have ever run before. The next leg of Ben’s epic journey brings him to North Wales where he will run in Colwyn Bay on August 19, Bangor on August 20, Holyhead on August 21 and Caernarfon on August 22.

 Ben said: “I’ve only been to North Wales once and never to the places I’m running in. I’m really excited to get there, every day will be a new adventure.”
On the Bangor and Caernarfon routes, starting at 10 AM, Ben will be joined by students from Learners’ First College and Eryri Harriers.

As part of his trip the charity champion will also speak to Learners’ First College students about his previous experiences with bullying which saw him attempt to take his own life.

Ben said: “Running has helped me overcome my demons and I want to use my experiences to help other people overcome theirs.”

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