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Llandudno Traders in 1901

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Forum member 'Tosh' has been researching Llandudno Traders from back in 1901 and has a lot of information to share. I've set up this topic for him to add all his information in to. I'm sure it'll be a very interesting read.  $good$

Llandudno in 1901

I wonder just how curious the good folk of Llandudno are in learning about the traders in their town in the year of our Lord 1901.
You will be amazed at the different trades that existed back then and also the trades that have survived through the years.

Let’s start with Aerated Water Manufacturers; do you think that more than one would be necessary?
Let me put your mind at rest, there were two of them namely, William Hill and his rival Thomas Owen of Warehouse Street.

Next we’ll take a look at Agents for the supply of cycles.
Arthur Deacon & Son of Gloddaeth Street, R. Welch of Garden Street and The Mostyn Cycle Company at 8 Mostyn Street.

Only two estate agents exist at this time, I wonder how that will change in the future.
John Hughes and Company of Holyrood Chambers, Lloyd Street and Alfred G. Pugh of Llewelyn Chambers.

The only architect here and I’m sure that he is kept very busy in these changing times is, D.G. McIntosh of Lloyd Street.

Perhaps one artist, W.E. Benger of 1 Gay Terrace is enough for a small town like this.

Mostyn Street seems to be the favourite resting place for our five auctioneers.
We have, Harris Blairmann at number 79 and also at Lloyd Street, he deals mainly in china and fine art.
A.J. Oldman is at number 24.
E. O Parry & Sons Central Chambers, number 8.
McMahon & Co are in business at 117.
Finally Mr F.J. Sarson has set up shop at number 16.

Nine bakers seem to be in proportion to the number of people and guests in and around the area.
John B. Edwards, 85 Mostyn Street.
William Evans, 7 Mostyn Street.
Thomas Hesmor Hooson, 96 Mostyn Street.
Robert Jones, 75 Mostyn Street.
John Littler, 22 Mostyn Street.
Owen Owen, 24 Madoc Street.
T & J Owen, the Model Steam Bakery at Gloddaeth Street.
John W. Williams, 20 Back Mostyn Street.
W. Williams & Co, 149 Mostyn Street.

Considering that most workers are paid in cash and therefore most transactions would be in cash I think that three banks are sufficient for the town’s needs.
Lloyd’s Bank Ltd of 104 Mostyn Street.
Metropolitan Bank of England & Wales at 103 Mostyn Street.
National Provincial Bank of England, 14 South Parade.
I wonder how many of those will still be trading in a hundred years’ time?

With the increase in literacy, book sellers are becoming more popular all the time, there are now four trading, all of them in Mostyn Street.
Herbert Tomkinson, at number 115.
William Wardleworth, at number 34.
Wilkinson & Thompson, at 48.
George L. Woodley, at 127.

Because the traders cater for a more distinguished type of customer we have 6 Boot makers, in a more industrial setting there would be Clog makers too.
John & William Hughes, at 18 Mostyn Street.
O. Hughes at the back of St John’s Market.
William Jones, 3 Taliesin Street.
John F Parker, 88 Mostyn Street.
John Roberts, Back Madoc Street.
Evan Williams, Arundel House, Llewelyn Street.

In my opinion one Brick Maker is enough for any town.
But, there is an awful lot of building going on and I suppose that P & H Lewis at the Llandudno Brick works are kept very busy supplying the bricks for the 6 builders who are,
Evan Hughes, Bodhyfryd walks.
Thomas Jones, Reform Street.
Owen & Co, North Madoc Street.
Abel Roberts, 11 Deganwy Street.
Benjamin Williams, 6 St George’s Crescent.
Roger Williams, 14 Gloddaeth Crescent.

If you need a butcher there are eight of them all anxious for your business.
William Cottrell at 10 Clonmel Street.
William Davies down at Deganwy.
L. Fildes also at Deganwy who is also the proud owner of superior apartments facing the sea near the golf links. (available to let)
John Jones & Son, Queen’s Buildings, 51 Mostyn Street.
John Jones & Sons, Central Buildings, Mostyn Street, purveyors of meat to the Royal Family no less.
E. Owen & Sons, 80 Mostyn Street.
Robert Parry, 11 Mostyn Street.
Edwin Williams who is situated in the Market Hall.

A good cabinet maker can be hard to find these days but if you need one you can call on Joseph Matthews at 46 Mostyn Street.

Should you wish to travel around in style you will need to contact one of our Carriage Hirers, they are,
Alfred Johnson, 19 Church Walks.
Hugh Roberts also in Church Walks.
The Coaching Carriage Company Limited in Adelphi Street.

The Coach Builder who supports the carriage hirers is, John Roberts in Back Madoc Street.

For your medicinal remedies and cures we have five chemists around the town.
Burton & Son at 81 and 98 Mostyn Street.
L.A. Cocker, 68 Mostyn Street.
W.A. Roberts, 31 Mostyn Street.
Joseph Winter, 3 Mostyn Street.
H. Gibson, 48 Madoc Street.

Because this is a holiday resort we will need the services of our two China and Glass Dealers probably on a frequent basis. Would you believe that most of the tableware comes from Stoke on Trent as do a lot of our visitors?
Henry Dukes, 2 Church Walks.
J. Wiley & Son, 91 Mostyn Street.

This is the first instalment of a possible four so read and enjoy.
All constructive comments are welcome.

Excellent work, Tosh, really well done.  $good$

Bri Roberts:
Tosh, one of my great grandfathers was a tailor in Mostyn Street around that time.

Did you manage to find any tailors?

Yes Bri, there were 7 and one of them looks quite good for your family.
You will have to be patient.


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