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Remember Bayko or Trix Twin? What toys from your childhood evoke particularly strong memories, even now?


Merddin Emrys:
Hornby Dublo, Dinky toys, Corgi Toys, Lego  and Star yaughts, When we came to Llandudno on holiday in the Sixties I would spend some of my saved up pocket money in Toytown on a model yaught and then off to the West shore boating pool to sail it <:> Having just remembered that I may look on Ebay for a Star yaught and then sail it again at the West shore (assuming there will be any water in the pool when I go there!)

Does anyone have a pic of the old Toytown shop??

Merddin Emrys:
well I've just bid on this and another similar boat as 'er indoors' wants one too! <:>

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One of my favourites was Meccano.  I had piles of the stuff and could make almost anthing.  Kept me amused for hours.  D)


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