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Re: Everything to do with Shops
« Reply #1965 on: December 04, 2018, 06:09:21 PM »
Victoria Shopping Centre.... new shop opened in the old Store 21 (about six weeks ago), called "You Know Who’s" a Fashion Retailer offering High Street Brands for Less, lets hope it last's.
I also noticed what looks like a seasonal shop, selling a large selection of calendars.


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Re: Everything to do with Shops
« Reply #1966 on: Yesterday at 03:35:07 PM »
One of my pet hates, senseless vandalism, I had my shop windows broken twice, and the broken glass gets into everything, even after the clear up, you cannot risk selling  anything that could be affected, my sympathies to the business.

A business owner is determined not let a "pointless" vandal attack dampen his Christmas trade.
Mochdre business Julia Jones Ltd had its front windows smashed in during a vandal attack on Monday night.

While a total damage bill has not yet been calculated, the attack saw £5000 worth of damage done to the windows alone, but nothing was stolen.
The attack, which is believed to have been carried out with a hammer, forced the business to close on Tuesday but was re-opened the following day.

Owner Rob Jones, has had the business in Mochdre for 25 years - having taken it over from his mother Julia, and said he has never been the target of anything like this before.

But Mr Jones said he remained defiant and after the short closure on Tuesday was back open as usual.
He said: "It was just shear pointless vandalism.
"They didn't try and break in, they just broke the window - all it has done is cause hassle and gives us more to deal with.

"We have received some fantastic messages and emails from existing customers which has made me feel a little better."
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Re: Everything to do with Shops
« Reply #1967 on: Yesterday at 05:05:56 PM »
I'm sorry to hear that news, it was such a pointless act of vandalism.    I just hope that there are enough CCTV cameras in that area that may help the Police to find the perpetrator