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I have quite a few clumps of primroses in full bloom, poor things are getting frosted! I have never planted a single primrose, but the whole of one edge of the back lawn is full of them. Sorry I can't post a picture, but I am still not mobile enough to risk getting up to the lawn to get near them.

Talking of frosted, last week we were passing the B&M store, as they were bringing out trays and trays of plants, the garden dept. manager was making room for the Xmas tree delivery, they sold everything off for 10p , 50p or a 1   we filled the car,  ???
when we got home we put them in the summer house, till we could decide what to do, this morning when we checked them, we found we had made a mistake, assuming that they would be protected, so now the house looks like a garden centre, especially around the radiators..........                                                       Keep warm Nem , soon be  $sunny$