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Just after our puppy went into Kennels and we went away for a few days I carried out repairs to the lawn.   The pup has been digging and using the grass as a toilet so there were about 30 holes and patches to repair  :(  and this break gave us a chance to patch up the lawn and sow some grass seeds.
We've had plenty of rain but there is no trace of any grass seeds growing yet and the puppy is at it again!

Training is the answer.  Walk him past my house and let him crap on the pavement as other dog walkers do! :Scot:

He's a very big dog Yorkie so I hope you've got some of those large black bin bags handy! :laugh:

Unfortunately my cat has now decided that the lawn is favourite to deposit. In payment for having the cheek to go away I came back off holiday to be be greeted by one pile per day of absence.Not a great deal in these days of credit crunch and financial crises but when you step in the last one while mowing the lawn!!

I bought a container of Miracle Grow Patch Up which was advertised on TV for dealing with circles in the grass and holes caused by our dog digging in the garden.  It's quite expensive for what you get and consists of grass seeds,lawn food and a compost that expands quite a lot when wet.   I filled in the holes but the compost soon ran out and I then completed the job using a similar preparation that I had,had  to make.
Immediately after I had finished the job it rained quite heavily so I was pleased with that but two hours later when I was back in the garden it looked like I had mole hills everywhere.
 The Miracle Grow treatment had expanded so much those holes had now become hills!    So then I had to go around every one and stand on them to flatten them.
I looked at the lawn today and am pleased to say that the seeds have started to grow. :)


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