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just watched the world club rugby league final, Leeds v Manley, what a game, it,s the only time in my life i have been cheering for a yorkshire side.  I,l keep taking the tablets and i may get over it, great win for Leeds. Its about time we put the Aussies in there place. Cm-on you brits.

 $walesflag$ $walesflag$ $walesflag$ $walesflag$ $walesflag$

A great match, and a great result for Wales. The atmosphere in Club 147 was electric.  $walesflag$

 Rugby league.Just like to say well done Saints in winning the Grand Final against the odds. Saints were wrote off due to injuries at the beginning of the season but have finished up winning the league shield and the grand final. Once again well done the Saints.

Should this post not be in the SPORT THREAD.    :D


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