What should be done with Colwyn Bay Pier?

Demolish it
Carry out basic renovation (spend up to 5m)
Carry out comprehensive renovation, including all buildings (spend up to 10m)

Author Topic: The long running saga of Colwyn Bay Pier  (Read 191132 times)

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Re: The long running saga of Colwyn Bay Pier
« Reply #945 on: June 04, 2018, 11:57:35 AM »
Drove along the prom from the Old Colwyn end and I have to say the Bay looked vibrant in the sun yesterday. Lovely view over to Rhos now the pier has gone, lots of people enjoying the sandy beach. Will be even better soon when the last remnants of the pier have been removed.
It was noticeable that despite it being in the middle of the day there wasn't a sign of anyone using the water sports facilities which look like they are a white elephant to me and like the whole building just another burden on the council tax bill.
I also see they are about to spend another 1m on Bangor Pier, seems like only yesterday it was fully renovated.


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Re: The long running saga of Colwyn Bay Pier
« Reply #946 on: September 26, 2018, 11:43:14 AM »
100-year-old murals from Colwyn Bay Pier in a race against the clock to find new home.   ref Pioneer

The Colwyn Victoria Pier Trust have been working closely with Mt Davies in trying to find somewhere safe to continue to store the murals, but had still had no luck.

Trust chairperson, Mark Roberts, said: "We are saddened that we haven't found anywhere to store it yet.
"Time is getting short."

Mr Roberts said it wasn't just about storing the murals but restoring them as well.
He said: "Huw Davies and the council have been actively trying to find somewhere for the murals to be kept as have we.

"But they will also need to be cleaned up and restored which is going to be very costly."
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