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Hope you like it!   :)

Fester here..

I just wanted to add my thanks too, to Ian and Dave for the massive and prompt undertaking, in terms of creating this alternative to my beloved Forum.

Its a thankless task, there's nothing in it financially for you and you didn't have to do it...but you did.

I'm not finding it so easy to navigate around this Forum, but I'm sure I'll get my eye in soon...

I hope all the other previous members clamber aboard this lifeboat..and loads of other new members too.

I'm a liitle upset that you won't allow SPAM though, you mention that its annoying or nasty.  Well I love it when its grilled and served with beans and a little brown sauce, so there.



--- Quote ---I'm not finding it so easy to navigate around this Forum,
--- End quote ---

The best way is to use the "Show unread posts since last visit" link a the top RH side of the page. Makes it a doddle to see what's happened since you last visited.

Merddin Emrys:
Hi, many thanks for getting this sorted 8) I'm still sorting lots out since our move to Penrhyn Bay 6 weeks ago, What a great place this is! Hi to Fester, who we've seen several times in his great shop on the Pier and Mike (of golf course fame ) who we met the other night in our local Co op.

A big thanks to Dave and Ian for their hard work,time and effort in setting up this new forum.   I wish the forum all the best for the future and thanks again to you both for the help and advice you have given in the past.   :)

Like Fester, I am having problems navigating around the forum but I am sure that the more I use it the easier it'll get. 


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