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Early buskers
« on: December 10, 2011, 11:38:50 AM »
Years ago when Jim Roberts had a stall at the bottom of Mostyn Street I bought what I thought was a funny photo. from him.  It showed a man with a trolley like those flat bed ones used at the station.  His wife was busking with a harp which he used to push around town.  She would sit and play and he would go round the houses with a net on the end of a bamboo cane and push it through open windows to collect money whilst visitors were having their evening meal.

My Mother remembered them as an English husband and wife but I can't remember their name.  They started coming round every night until  my Grand Mother chased them!

I have tried to get another copy of the photo. as the first was lost in a flood but no luck.  Does anyone have one please?